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The Treeline Community was born in 2017 as a resource for women to help us grow our skills and confidence as well as promote a healthy lifestyle (mental and physical) and highlight women’s businesses in the Sea to Sky.



As a community we are strong 
and by standing together we grow stronger!

Our goal is to empower non-dominant genders within the Sea to Sky climbing community, by highlighting skills and accomplishments of our talented guides and speakers, showcasing local female- or genderqeer-led businesses and artists, and facilitating important conversations on topics such as mental health, belonging and self identity.

We are inspired everyday by the strength and resilience of women and genderqueer folk within our community, from cutting-edge accomplishments pushing our sport to stories of breaking barriers against all odds to pursue a dream, at whatever level that may be.

At Treeline, we strive to support women and non-dominant genders to be their vulnerable selves, with whatever baggage comes along. Our mission is to create a space where together we can shatter glass ceilings and let our beautiful strong branches grow free under the sun.


Like trees fighting to grow above the treeline, we too can feel stifled by life’s responsibilities. Finding the space for play and self-care in the outdoors can, at times, seem unattainable. Additional obstacles are added when we consider societal norms, gender stigmas, financial challenges, physical and mental barriers, racism, colonisation and more.

One tree standing alone on a hilltop is awe-striking; we feel it evokes a similar emotion to that of Rosie the Riveter saying “We Can Do It!” during World War II. Since then, women’s and non-dominant gender rights have come a long way, but there is still a lot of work to do. Here in the climbing community, we see the effects through continued underrepresentation (especially in roles of leadership, route development and remote expeditions).


A single tree bracing the harsh conditions alone will ultimately perish. But if a few trees make it, then they provide shelter for a few more and a few more. The more trees there are, the more soil and nutrients appear, which can give life to not only more trees, but eventually an entire diverse ecosystem! At Treeline we welcome all abilities and experiences, and we encourage everyone to arrive with an open mind led by curiosity and a willingness to learn and grow.

Meet the Team

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